Maru Colbert

Professor, Director, and Designer in Massachusetts

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Hello! I’m Maru, a professor in the sciences and practitioner of the arts. My teaching and research areas are phytoremediation, micro-scale processes, climate science/atmospheric modeling, surface chemistry, NOx sensing and pre-engineering education. I combined these topics in postdoctoral and international field studies. I collaborate with and lead research teams at universities here and abroad (Australia, Canada, the UK, China and Africa).

My STEAM work stems from my profession and passion-providing resources to counter the lack of proficiency in STEM subjects due to inequity in education. My STE(A)M initiatives are in 4 cities in the U.S. and 3 countries in Africa.

Hobbies I enjoy include volleyball, skating, sewing, running, reading and performing. Additionally, I practice innovative design.


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Each month I work on one (or more) of these charitable, social or civic initiatives.

This year's list includes The Boutique 4 Good; The Innocent Convicts; Liberia Labs-Teaching & Research Project; Oxfemwa; The NAACP; Annie Cannons-MIT Solve; BAMIT; Minds Matter Boston; Maranyundo Girls School (Rwanda); NSBE-Region I-Boston [including Ghana]; The Empowerment Series/Social Justice Circle for Engaged Activism; (Charity Marathons) Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, American Cancer Society/Dana Farber, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association and The March of Dimes; Her'tazhe Productions, MASS Poetry and True Story Theater.

I give back as I move forward since I's a blessing to BE.

During the Fall of 2020 I was a participant in the TC2 PlayLab's (virtual) showcase. To view all of the social justice selections, click on the YouTube shown below. To see my monologue, featuring a grandmother to granddaughter Facetime session, use the link below (40:38-47:00) at https://www. HuDM&feature=youtube. My recitation was done near Thanksgiving 2020, when relatives were "Zooming"/ "Facetiming" instead of being together.

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February…Black History Month…our lives matter all year; however, due to extreme racism, it is fitting that we affirm ourselves and RECOGNIZE African American contributions. “Do we care to match the reality of America to its ideals?”—Barack Obama


I knew Professor Colbert as a colleague for over 10 years while I was employed at MIT as the Information Manager with MIT Sea Grant Program and as Communications Officer for The Research Laboratory of Electronics. I witnessed her exemplary work as a graduate working on micro-sensors and then later, in addition to teaching advanced subjects, developing, organizing, leading and evaluating STEM programs alternating summers. My students enjoy her presentations for my bio-science program.
Barbara Passero-MIT (Retired)
Maru's work helps me raise awareness and funds. Her readings set the tone for my film projects. I am excited about the show planned for next Fall. The proceeds will provide resources that help The Innocent Convicts fulfill its organizational mission-working to avoid wrongful convictions. Our collaborations and her continued oratorical, design, planning and production support have added complementary content to my events. I and "The Free 6" applaud her commitment to social justice.
Osagie Okoruwa-Filmmaker, The Innocent Convicts
The 2020 Black History Month Celebration at St. Thomas' Episcopal Church was a standing-room-only joyful celebration of music and dance featuring artist of all ages. The Lead Artistic Producer, Maru Colbert, directed talented artists (who) filled the hall with their exuberance and kept the audience in rapt attention. Her performance was amazing. It has been a good while since I’ve heard such good music. The event was a great success!
Christina Manucy, Teresa Beall-Maryland